Working From Home

Working from home

After a few weeks of many people working from home, we’ve seen an increase in referrals for people with back and neck pain, with no history of trauma, solely due to a change in lifestyle.

Lockdown has meant that many of us, overnight, had to switch from working in the office to working from the “home office”. The quick change meant that many of us were unable to set up our work stations correctly, without the correct chair, monitor height and therefore has lead to many of us experiencing back and neck pain. A more sedentary lifestyle has emerged as a consequence of lockdown for many, which has meant that we have spent more time sitting watching tv, working longer hours or sitting in the car for extended periods of time.

In addition people no longer had to commute to work which can often, if taking public transport require you to be stood for extended periods of time. We have also have far fewer interruptions and so have spent a more prolonged time sitting at a computer, often with poor ergonomics.

Many of us would have quickly made an appointment with our local physiotherapist but with lockdown measures and shielding, this is no longer at option for many. At Physio Answers, we also provide online physiotherapy sessions as well as face-to-face appointments.

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Common presentations:

Virtual assessments throughout lockdown have allowed us to actually see the working set up in people’s homes which has proven invaluable. Some of the most common problems that were noted were:
When the body, especially the spine, is held for prolonged periods in the wrong position it puts stress on spinal structures and they start to fail and cause pain. The muscles of your back can become overworked, tight and uncomfortable. Sitting in such a position can also cause the joints to be held in the wrong position for extended periods of time putting unwanted stress on these points.

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If you start experiencing pain or stiffness

If you are struggling with any of the above and would like to have an assessment, get in touch today. We have both face to face and online physiotherapy available. Click here to contact us now

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