Hand Pain

Hand Pain Treatments

Hand and wrist problems can make even the simplest task difficult if not impossible and as our hands are so sensitive it is often extremely painful.

The wrist and hand involve a complex arrangement of many small bones and muscles that work together to give us the amazing dexterity and sensitivity in our hand and fingers but being small and fairly fragile they are vulnerable to injury and overuse.

Healing and recovery is often compromised due to the difficulty in resting the hand so hand pain treatment often includes taping or splinting to restrict the movement for pain relief and to allow healing to occur.

So if you are suffering wrist or hand pain then make an appointment with one of our experienced physios now and get started with your recovery.

Your hands are so important. Don’t wait for things to get worse.

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Common Problems

Is the more common form of arthritis and is caused by the degeneration of cartilage at the ends of the joints. The base of the thumb is commonly affected -and also the fingers which become painful and stiff and may develop deformities as the condition progresses.

Physio treatment helps to reduce the finger and hand pain and stiffness with massage, acupuncture and taping. We can provide splints to reduce the strain on the joints and exercises to maintain the muscle strength.

This is general term that can refer to several different conditions usually involving the upper body and occurs when muscles or nerves are damaged by repetitive movements. In recent years the most common cause is computer or keyboard work.

Symptoms are often vague and widespread in the neck, arm and hand and include pain, pins and needles, numbness, weakness and stiffness in the neck.

Initially, the symptoms are often vague and mild and are often ignored. Without treatment the symptoms usually become worse until they are very difficult to eliminate as the nerves become damaged and sensitised.

The most effective solution is early physiotherapy intervention so don’t delay in getting expert physiotherapy advice and treatment. This will incorporate treatment of tightness or stiffness in joints, muscles and nerves from the neck to the fingers, plus postural work and core strength to take the stress from the arms and hands.

Addressing the cause is paramount and our physios’ expertise in ergonomics (body positions and movements) allows them to assess and improve your habitual positions to prevent the condition worsening or returning.

This is a very common injury- especially in older people following a fall on an outstretched hand. Depending on the nature of the fracture most require immobilisation in a cast for about 6 weeks and some initially require surgery.

When the cast is removed the wrist is always stiff and painful to move and it is vital to start physiotherapy immediately to break that pain/stiffness cycle.

Treatment includes joint mobilisations strengthening, massage and acupuncture. We also show you exactly how to gently and safely progress your exercises at home so you are confident on continuing your therapy between appointments.

This condition is caused by one of the main nerves into the hand (median nerve) being restricted as it passes through the wrist and symptoms include unpleasant burning hand pain, pins and needles and numbness in the fingertips.

Your physiotherapist will not only look at relieving the symptoms but also the cause. The longer the nerve irritation continues the more difficult it becomes to relieve the symptoms so early intervention is vital.

Your physio will reduce the symptoms with wrist splints, soft tissue mobilisation, acupuncture and stretches plus examine and treat any stiffness or tightness in the neck and upper spine as this can irritate the nerve as it travels down the arm. They will also work with you to eliminate the cause. Contact Physio Answers for professional and affordable treatment on 0203 538 3808.

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