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Sports Massage, a Deep Tissue Massage to Maintain Flexibility and Prevent Injury

Sports massage or deep tissue massage refers to an intense tension relieving massage technique used to treat tight and overworked muscles. It keeps the muscles lengthened and mobile which helps maintain flexibility and prevent injury.

It is not only beneficial for sports people but anyone who has pain or discomfort from tight and sore muscles whether from injury, overuse or even inactivity e.g. from sitting at a desk all day.

When you come to the clinic for a sports massage your physio will initially discuss your specific requirements, what you need to achieve and what target areas need treating – hamstrings, lumbar spine, shoulders etc.

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Why a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist has extensive knowledge of anatomy, body tissues and injuries so can target the offending muscles and address specific problems. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ and adjust our technique depending on your exact requirements.

The repetitive nature of most sports means some muscles are worked harder or kept in shortened positions for long periods of time-all of which leads to them becoming shortened and tight. The imbalance this creates in the body makes muscles and joints more vulnerable to strain and injury.

If your lifestyle is more sedentary and you don’t participate in any sport, a deep tissue massage can reduce the stress and tightness caused by poor posture or prolonged sitting as with driving or long hours sat at a computer.

The intensity of your massage will depend on your preferences and what you want to achieve. It can range from deep, intense pressure to a more gentle and relaxing session.

So if you are not performing at your best due to stiffness, tight or aching muscles or knots and tension then call us to book a bespoke sports massage with one of our experienced physiotherapists and feel better fast.

How it works

When muscles are injured or overused they develop areas of tension and knots called trigger points. These can be quite painful and affect the overall performance of that muscle.
The muscle is unable to stretch and lengthen as it should and the tight fibres also compromise the blood flow. For an athlete or sportsman this will obviously reduce performance. For the non-sportsman the problem may be felt as a more general pain and stiffness.

Sports massage and deep tissue massage works by improving the muscles’ flexibility and stretch and increasing blood flow through the muscle to assist the delivery of oxygen and removal of toxins. It also has a beneficial effect on the nerve endings in the body to reduce pain. The benefits include:

How frequently should you get a sports massage?

Elite sportsman will use massage as a daily addition to their training programme and after any game or match. This is not so realistic for most of us but a regular specialised massage will help maintain the health of your muscles and soft tissues so improving your movement and also helping relaxation and resting of tissues.

So for the most effective and specialised treatment book with one of our qualified physiotherapists and experience the benefit of their skills and experience.

We offer 30 or 60 minute sessions depending on your requirements.

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