Virtual Online Appointments

Virtual Online Appointments

Since lockdown we have embraced technology and offered an alternative to attending the physiotherapy clinic with virtual physiotherapy appointments. We conduct these as a video call via zoom and they have proved extremely useful and effective with both new and previous clients.

This has made me really question what we do in physio and how we are helping without actually seeing or touching a patient. We have always championed the use of hands on treatment so how are we managing to provide such effective treatment in a virtual physiotherapy session?

My conclusion is that however we interact with patient we always provide a wealth of information and advice regarding their problem or injury. I am a great believer in that if you understand your pain or injury and how you can expect it to behave and recover, then you can be part of the solution.

We can deliver that same information and solution in a virtual appointment with the added convenience of you not needing to leave your home or office.

What to expect from a virtual assessment:

Our virtual appointments have helped many patients in the last few months as they developed problems related to their new lifestyles with:

We are passionate about using a holistic approach to treatment so always provide our patients with a great deal of advice and support regarding their condition, and that doesn’t have to stop just because we can’t see you face to face.

So we have introduced virtual physio appointments with Ann Petherbridge, the owner and principal clinician at Physio-Answers.

How does a virtual appointment work?

We’ll have our appointment over video chat. You just need a computer or laptop!

We ask you the same questions we would in person

We then give you a few tests and movements and from that we will be able to give you some answers plus lots of advice, guidance and solutions to get your recovery started. We will:

Want to book a virtual appointment?

If a video call doesn’t work for you, and you’d still like to talk to someone, give us a call on 0203 538 3808 and we can try and find a solution for you.