Sports Injury

Sports Injury Treatment

Everyone who participates in sport at any level, whether it is kicking a ball with the kids in the park or competing at the top level is liable at some time to suffer an injury.

Even a minor injury, if not treated correctly may persist and become more difficult to treat. Also, relatively simple problems can become more complicated as your body automatically strives to avoid pain. This may put extra stress on other structures. For example a bad knee if it persists can start to cause problems in the opposite leg or in your back.

All too often we see clients whose initial minor injury has been made far worse by them trying to return to their sport before they are fully rehabilitated. The more times this happens the more difficult the problem becomes to treat and resolve.

Our physios specialise and participate in a range of sports making them experts in the requirements and problems involved.

These include football, running, cycling, personal training, athletics, tennis and skiing.

If an injury is holding you back then book an appointment with us for some expert sports injury treatment and get back to your best- fast.

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How Physiotherapy Helps

Our Sports injury treatment techniques and goals will depend on the injury and the sportsman. However the benefits of treatment are the same for all and will:

Control the pain and inflammation:

Without physiotherapy intervention:

What causes an injury in sport?

Sometimes it is just bad luck that causes a sudden trauma to a structure with sufficient force to cause damage or failure .Maybe a bad tackle, a fall or a slip.

Other times the injury is a result of persistent low level trauma to a muscle, ligament, tendon or joint. Everything appears to be fine with no pain or injury but the tissue under stress can one day give way for no real reason. The proverbial ‘last straw’.

There are many causes of this including insufficient warm up, poor technique e.g. running or racquet style, poor biomechanics (the way we are put together and move) or over training.

It is often not sufficient to just rest until it feels better then go back to what you were doing before. The problem will almost certainly return. The alternative is to get some treatment and advice as soon as possible

Some people seem to think physio is only relevant in the later stages of an injury. This is COMPLTELEY wrong. Do elite sportsmen wait? Or premier footballers? They start their physiotherapy the minute they are injured to maximise their recovery and future performance.

So don’t wait to get things sorted or continue in a cycle of rest and re injury.
Book an appointment now so you can achieve your maximum performance in whatever sport that may be.

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