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Low Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is the most common problem we see at our clinics and the statistics are alarming as to how many days work are lost every year due to pain in the back. It may have a specific and sudden cause due to poor lifting, a sporting injury or accident or be due to postural issues or prolonged sitting.

Most people experience some form of pain in the back in their lives. If it is the first episode and mild, with no pain referred into the legs then simple back pain treatment at home is often sufficient.

However, if it is more severe or prolonged or you are experiencing episodes of painful back ache then it is very important to have it seen and treated as quickly as possible.

With years of successfully providing back pain treatment to people of all ages and professions our experienced physiotherapists will diagnose your problem, provide relief from the symptoms and give you the information you need to prevent it coming back.

We don’t believe you should come for treatment forever more. Instead, after getting you back to normal we give you the knowledge and exercises to keep your back as strong and healthy as possible.

Any delay in dealing with a back problem can complicate the condition and make it more difficult to treat. Research shows the longer the pain is present the less likely it is to resolve.

You don’t need a GP referral to make an appointment with us so why wait for it to get worse. We usually have emergency appointments available at short notice so call us now-or book online and start your recovery now.

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What can go wrong and how do we treat it?

With physiotherapy back pain treatment targets the affected structures in the spine. By reducing the pain and releasing tight tissues and stiff joints everything can work in harmony and allow pain free movement.

Different sets of muscles help to move or support the spine. They may become tight or strained or go into spasm. We use specialised hands on therapies, acupuncture and stretches to release the tension and ease the pain.

There is a cushioning disc sandwiched between each vertebrae and these may become squashed or develop a bulge (slipped disc). This is often extremely painful. We use special joint mobilisation techniques and positions to help restore the disc to its normal shape and position.

To complicate things further the roots of the nerves from your spinal cord emerge from small spaces between the joints and travel through your buttocks, across your back and hips and down your legs to the tips of your toes.

A bulging disc or inflamed joints in the spine can squash and irritate these nerves causing symptoms such as leg pain, pins and needles, numbness or leg weakness.

This can be very unpleasant and distressing, and the patient often experiences constant discomfort even at nighttime so making sleep difficult or impossible.

Physiotherapy helps release the pressure on the affected nerves allowing them to stretch and move normally and freely.

Whatever the cause of the problem the initial goal is to help with the pain. As well as your treatment at the clinic we will give you advice and show you positions and exercises to help once you get home to protect your spine from further problems. Back pain treatment then progresses- increasing your movement and strengthening the muscles that support your back to prevent future back problems.

We also look at your home, work or sporting habits to see if any adjustments are required to reduce the stress or irritation to your spine.

If you have any problems with your back then why not get some help now-before things get worse and stop you doing the things you enjoy. The sooner we start treatment the better the outcome for you. Call us today on 0203 538 3808 to start your treatment.

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