Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain Treatment

At Physio-Answers we regularly help people recover from ankle injuries whether it is a mildly twisted ankle or an entire ligament tear or fracture.

Prompt physiotherapy not only helps the pain and speed up the recovery but also works on a long term rehabilitation programme. Without this it is likely the injury will recur.

Any stiffness or reduction in movement in the ankle will affect the efficiency of walking and running and can eventually lead to knee, hip or back problems as your body adapts. Prompt treatment of any degree of ankle stiffness is vital to prevent the problem becoming much more widespread.

Just carrying on with your activities when the pain goes away will not be a long term solution. The strength and balance of the ankle remains affected and makes it much more vulnerable to problems in the future.

If you have any ankle pain or injury then it is important to get some early intervention with physiotherapy to reduce the risks of further injury and the problems becoming more widespread.

So call us to book an appointment for your ankle pain treatment to not only aid your recovery but protect your ankle in the future and keep your body moving in the right way.

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Ankle Joint

The ankle or talocrural joint is made up of the bone in the top of the foot (talus) that moves between the shin bones (tibia and fibula).

Ligaments on the inside and outside of the ankle stabilise the joint and allow some movement so your ankle can adapt e.g. when walking over rough ground.

The severity of an ankle fracture depends on the type of fracture and the number of ankle bones involved.

Management by the hospital initially ranges from an operation to insert metalwork and/or a cast.

Even while the ankle is in a cast there are lots we can do to keep other parts of the body flexible and strong so optimising your rehabilitation when the cast is removed.

When this happens the joint will be VERY stiff and physio is vital to help get it moving which also helps the pain and circulation. We use hands on techniques in the clinic and show you how to continue this at home. We also look at strengthening, regaining a proper walking pattern and retraining your balance

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