Pilates Class 

Why a Pilates Class Should Be Part of Your Physio’s Treatment Plan

Anyone who has visited us in our physiotherapy clinic will know that we always talk to clients about what you do when you leave our treatment room. Exercise, fresh air, water consumption, stress levels – they all play a part in feeling well and in control of our bodies.

Pilates Class

I see great results from Pilates classes for our clients, it can be brilliant when combined with physiotherapy to treat back pain and shoulder pain and build strength.

There has been an increasing awareness over the last few years how important core strength and stability is to both prevent injury, help with existing pain or and improve performance. Every elite athlete from tennis players to runners spend a great deal of training time on this – in addition to more dynamic exercise and sport. Pilates is not just for celebs on the red carpet looking for great abs and perfect posture. (Although it will do that too!)

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Pain in the body will switch off core muscles. It is amazing how fast they can start to lose their tone and strength – very much a design fault as this is when we need them most. Even when that back or knee pain has resolved, the core muscles will have been reduced and if left will make you more susceptible to a repeat episode if they are not specifically worked on-something we see all the time with those reporting repeat episodes of problems like back pain.

Pilates is great for:

We’re lucky that we are near some great Pilates studios near our physiotherapy clinics in Southend and Leyton and specialised Pilates classes in our gym in Hither Green.

Until recently we had our Southend Physiotherapy clinic based at Mayura Yoga, who run a range of yoga and Pilates classes for all abilities and we regularly worked with the same clients who saw the benefits of regular Pilates classes alongside their physiotherapy treatment for back pain or shoulder pain.

Pause Studio is located at 187 Francis Rd, Leyton and runs barre, yoga and Pilates classes. We popped along to one of their classes back in December and picked up some top tips on what to look out for when choosing a Pilates class near you to make sure you get the most out of it:

If you’re wondering if a Pilates class could help you, why not come and visit us for a physiotherapy session in London or Southend. We will discuss a treatment plan with you, and advise if you could benefit from Pilates as part of that. Book online or give us a call on 0203 538 3808.

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