Why go Private for Physiotherapy?

10 Benefits of: PRIVATE versus N.H.S. Physiotherapy

The NHS may be ‘free at the point of service’ but have you considered the true cost of waiting to access NHS physiotherapy?

There is increasing pressure on NHS services with a subsequent increase in waiting times and a reduction in the more expensive experienced clinicians. After getting the appointment with your GP (a hassle in itself!) you may wait months for your NHS physiotherapy and then may only be given some exercises and discharged. Then the classic revolving door situation sends you back to your GP and so it continues.

Here are 10 reasons why investing in some private physiotherapy is such a good decision

1)  Speed of booking

Do you want to wait months for an NHS physio referral or be seen at Physio-Answers see in 24-48 hours?

The quicker your condition is assessed and treated the faster and more effective your recovery. Get back to work and leisure activities as soon as possible. Reduce the chance of recurrences.

2) No GP referral necessary

If you need to be seen by a physiotherapist there is no need to wait to see your GP.  Just give us a call and get booked in. Your physiotherapist will take it from there, starting with a thorough assessment and explanation. The quicker we see you the faster the results.

3) Appointment times

The choice of when you book an appointment is yours. We don’t tell you when to come and unlike the NHS we are open evenings and weekends so there is no need to take time off work or school.

4) Practitioner Experience

All our physiotherapists are experienced, specialised musculo- skeletal physiotherapists.  Some also have further post graduate qualifications in acupuncture, Pilates, sports massage, fitness training and specialist masters degrees.

Their extensive knowledge will enable them to treat your condition efficiently and effectively.

5) Hands on Therapy  

At Physio-Answers we do not just hand you a sheet of exercises or put you in a class. You will receive 1:1 specialised sessions which include proven and effective manual therapy techniques.

6) Number, frequency and duration of sessions 

Your physiotherapists will provide you with a treatment plan that is designed to give the best possible outcome. We are not restricted to a number of sessions or how often we see you. The length of your session can be from 30 to 60 minutes-whatever you agree with your physio. Early effective treatment requires regular input from your physio-not a 20 minute appointment every 3 weeks as is often the case in the overstretched NHS

7) Convenience and communication

Our office is open 6 days a week for bookings and your physiotherapist can personally answer any queries you have before or after treatment. You can also book an appointment with us on line 24 hours a day and will receive e-mail reminders so you don’t miss your appointment.

8) Personal Service

Unlike a busy NHS physio department where 100’s of patients are seen per day, we work on a slightly smaller scale! We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and personal service to all our clients. We have known some for years and have followed their trials and tribulations over time like friends. Our clients trust us to provide the best treatment we can and know that we really care about the results

9) Happy staff

It is well known that NHS staff are becoming increasingly stressed, tired and demoralised with their increased workloads and limited funds. Not the best state to be in when you are trying to help others.

Our staff are 100% professional and work hard but in a relaxed and happy workplace so everyone benefits.

10) Facilities/products/equipment

Privacy-. You see your physio in a private room with no one overhearing everything you say through a curtain!

As physios our most valuable and effective resource is our hands! However we also stock a selection of rehab and physio products that your physio may recommend and demonstrate.

Your physio can design a personalised rehab programme for you to access by email or APP so you don’t forget your exercises.

Whether you are looking for a new physiotherapist or are wanting to start seeing one Physio-Answers can help. If you would like to know how we can help you then please visit the rest of our website or you could even contact us on 0203 538 3808 to learn about our treatments.

Free Pre-Assessment Offer

Our team at Physio Answers offer a free, 10 minute physiotherapy ‘pre-assessment’ with the physiotherapist to see if physiotherapy is the right treatment for you.