Are you experiencing pain whilst running

Are you experiencing pain whilst running?

As the announcement of Coronavirus and lockdown hit and with gyms closing down along with other businesses, many of us took to the streets running in order to keep up our fitness regime.

Whether you are new to running or a regular runner, it’s very common to experience pain in your foot or feet, knees and or hip and this may only occur whilst running and will after subside. If this sounds like you, it might be time to take a look at your running style. We’ve highlighted below common causes for experiencing pain whilst running.

Some examples of injuries that can be caused by the above weaknesses are:
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So what should you do if you are experiencing any of the above pains?

The most common approach is to rest and then reintroduce running slowly, however this is not a long-term solution and it’s likely that the pain will reappear If the cause has not been addressed and treated properly.

If you are experiencing any of the above discomfort, it’s important to have it assessed by a professional immediately to ascertain the cause and its treatment.

So what can you do to avoid these types of injury?

If you are struggling with any of the above and would like to have an assessment, get in touch today. We have both face to face and virtual appointments available. Click here to contact us now

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